Dog Owner Clean Car Tips

Keeping Your Car Clean with a Dog

Dogs always feel like part of the family, and that means they’re in the car with the rest of us! Just like kids, we love having them around for trips, but they do tend to leave their mark on the backseat! And just like with kids, there are ways to minimize the mess!

Keep the dog groomed.
Before you load your shedding canine companion, brush or comb your dog. Some dogs shed more when they’re nervous, and this can definitely happen on long trips. Doing a “pre-trip brush” helps a lot. You can also have your heavy shedder wear a t-shirt in the car, which helps a lot.

Make one car “the dog car”.
It’s easier to contain a mess when you limit the dog (mostly) to one car. You can also keep a “canine cleaning kit”, including wipes, paper towels, plastic bags, and even a tick remover tool (smart if you’re going to be outside!)

Restrain the dog.
This is safer anyway but also helps with mess. Use a crate, a seatbelt harness, or even just keep the dog to the backseat. This will contain the area that might need more cleaning.

Protect the seat.
Dog nails can scratch leather and tear upholstery. Invent in a durable seat cover to protect seats from mud or hair. Most are easy to put in and out, and many can even be washed in the machine!

Protect the floor.
We use a big quilt on the floor of our SUV to keep the carpet and mats clean and mud/hair-free. Rubber backed bathmats are also a great investment.

Clean right away.
To keep the car from smelling like dog, clean after long trips. Remove and wash the seat and floor covers, vacuum up any hair and dirt, and wipe all the nose prints from the windows! If any odors remain, which may happen, sprinkle the seats and floor with baking soda and let sit for a few hours before vacuuming up.